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Privacy Policy
The site of “” fully understands the importance of protecting personal information and personal privacy. The webmaster of the site observes all the relevant laws and regulations.

1.This site and the mobile phone applications obtaining data from this site only provides knowledge and skills for learning English on mobile devices. The site does not require users to register with the site and the site has no intention and need to collect any personal information as well.
2. We will not provide the above IP addresses to any third party.
3. The webmaster will regularly upgrade the web system safeguards so that your access to our website(s) and the apps is secure and safe.
4. The pictures and texts we used in the site and the relevant app(s) are all from copyright free recourses in public domains or the resources of our own. We do not use any medias which indicate or can be used to identify any personal information.
5. We will regularly review the Privacy Policy promulgated by Japan and the other major countries to ensure that appropriate safeguards are maintained.

Handling of personal information
The web server which the site resides on may automatically record your IP address, however, the webmaster will not specify where the IP address exactly is.

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